Brian Selzer is an XR Specialist (AR Pioneer), and Gamification expert, residing in Los Angeles, California with his wife and daughter.

I’ve spent the past 20+ years helping world-changing companies redefine what’s possible through mobile gaming and spatial computing.

I love to collaborate with movement-makers! Let’s connect!”

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the world is spatiaL. Your story should be too.

Welcome to the personal website of Brian Selzer – producer, creator, designer, entrepreneur, consultant, advisor, speaker, futurist and proud dad!

I help companies, creators and brands unlock their full potential through augmented reality, immersive media, games and gamification.

As a founder of the first VC-backed AR gaming company, and the creator of the first location-based AR games, I thrive interweaving digital and physical in a way that manifests joy.

Whether it’s a game, a mobile app, or a virtual / spatial world… my passion and expertise is in bringing products to market that achieve deep engagement, activate positive transformation, illicit raving-fan loyalty, and level-up the human experience.

Clients / Partners include Apple, Marvel, Google, Nike, Microsoft, Pepsi, NBA and more.


(Geo)Spatial Computing

Experiential Marketing

Brand Development


Mobile Games & Entertainment

Content Creation & Storytelling

Business Development

Web 3, Blockchain, NFTs