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Offering strategic, advisory, consultation and production services to companies ready to integrate Immersive Computing Technologies into their roadmap and solution offerings.

Pioneering for 20+ years in digital/mobile media, the past 8+ years in immersive tech (AR/MR/VR). I have made a career focused on embracing cutting edge technologies and emerging platforms, delivering engaging content, as well as products and solutions that achieve tangible ROI in real-world scenarios.

– Immersive Media / Spatial Computing / XR – Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality / Virtual Reality
– Computer Vision – Recognition, Mapping, Tracking, SLAM, VIO, etc.
– Video Game Development (all platforms, mobile and HMD) / Gamification / Social Apps
– Geo-Based / Sensor-Based / Location-Based / Contextually Aware Apps and Services
– Wearable Computing / HMD’s / Biosensors / BCI / Haptics

– Advisory, Consulting, and Strategy
– Facilitate meetings with key people and companies that can bring immediate benefit
– Explore opportunities for your company, brand extension, and business growth.
– Business Development / Product Development / Roadmaps/ Solution Defining
– Full Project Lifecycle Management
– Content Creation, Storytelling, Art Direction, UI / UX Design, Experiential Design.

Interested in aligning with companies, entrepreneurs​ and change agents focused on the power of mobile media, mixed reality & immersive tech, designed to captivate, motivate, activate, educate, celebrate, and/or elevate the world.

Contact: Brian (at) BrianSelzer (dot) com