Brian Selzer is a Mobile / Immersive Media Executive, Advisor, Producer & Entrepreneur.  Pioneering for 20+ years in digital/mobile media, the past 10+ years in immersive tech (Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality), his professional credits include managing Marvel’s mobile business, co-founding Ogmento, the first venture backed AR games company, and serving as Vice President of Business and Product development at DAQRI, a leader in AR for enterprise.

Brian Selzer has worked with clients such as Microsoft, Sony, Fox, Marvel, EA, Activision, Warner Brothers, Pepsi, Nike, Lego, NBA and many others and has led teams behind  the creation of apps such as Spider-Man, X-Men, NBA, Halo, Paranormal Activity and many others. He has been Interviewed by many publications including Wired, LA Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Hollywood Reporter, Venture Beat, TechCrunch and Forbes. Brian founded Augmented Reality Los Angeles (ARLA) in 2010. He was featured in the 2011 documentary “Ctrl+Alt+Compete”​ (about tech-entrepreneurs), and in the 2013 book “Mad Men of Mobile”​ (interviews with innovators in the mobile app industry).  

Brian currently serves as an advisor, producer and consultant. Living at the intersections of immersive technology (AR/MR/VR) and human potential (AI, social networks, biosensors). He is often asked to speak on topics such as mobile and emerging platforms, immersive tech, wearables, location-based apps, games, and the future of everything.  


Brian Selzer built his career in the comic book industry, first helping to revitalize classic Harvey Entertainment brands, such as Richie Rich and Casper the Friendly Ghost. Sticking with comic books, and looking to the future of digital content distribution, he moved on to serve as Vice President of Interactive for Top Cow Productions, the third largest comic book publisher in the US. While there, Mr. Selzer led the developed of the award-winning TopCow.com web site and e-commerce site, and established a new marketing and distribution model for the company. Top Cow’s comic book franchises went on to sell record numbers, and have become film, television and video game projects, such as the live action television series, Witchblade and the console video game, The Darkness.

In 2000, Mr. Selzer’s entrepreneurial spirit led to him co-founding Eruptor Entertainment. Eruptor would go on to become a venture-backed leading digital entertainment and gaming company, where he created and produced over twenty-five online shows and fifteen wireless applications including such franchises as Jonni Nitro, The Marty Show, and PortaPets which was featured in the Wall Street Journal and Wired Magazine.

As Chief Content Officer for SuperNation, LLC, Mr. Selzer spearheaded content development for the Superdudes.net and Grab.com websites, which were both acquired by Fox Interactive in 2005. Press, such as CNN, Yahoo, USA Today, and others have recognized both gaming sites for their achievements in social media content and technology. Each site had over 1 million active members within their first year.

As mobile device capabilities advanced, becoming a natural extension of digital content distribution, Mr. Selzer made the move to spearhead Marvel Mobile at Hands-On Mobile (formerly Mforma). As Senior Director of Marvel Mobile he supervised worldwide strategic launch and ongoing development / management of Marvel Entertainments mobile business; expanding brands such as X-Men, Spider-Man and Fantastic Four into the mobile media landscape with numerous games and personalization products. He also spearheaded development of the Marvel Mobile web and WAP portals, positioning them to serve as direct-to-consumer distribution / marketing channels, and community hubs for all things Marvel.

In 2006, Mr. Selzer had the opportunity to work with the legendary Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and the creator of the first video game, Pong. He was brought on to spearhead the next stage of content development for Mr. Bushnell’s new social gaming restaurant concept, uWink.

In 2007 Mr. Selzer began working with Blockade Entertainment, the first animation studio of its kind to create and distribute compelling 3D animated content through the utilization of video game engines and assets. The Studio produced content for EA, Hasbro, DC, Warner Brothers, Sony and others. While there he spearheaded the launch of Mashade.com – a video game trailer mashup site (partnered with IGN.com), and Instafilms.com – a “machinima for the masses” play allowing users to create high-quality CG animation instantly online.

In 2009, Mr Selzer founded Ogmento, a company committed to the new opportunities opened up by Augmented Reality (AR) technology. With industry veterans from the mainstream video game and entertainment industry, the company brought to market new technologies and experiences that applied computer-generated content to live-video streams, leveraging advanced location-based, interactive, and social media technologies. Ogmento partnered with some of the leading technologists, artists, game designers, brands, and university labs globally. Projects include Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary, NBA: King of the Court,  and Halo: King of the Hill.  Partners include Sony, Microsoft, Pepsi, 7-Eleven, Paramount, General Mills and others.

Mr. Selzer joined DAQRI in August of 2013, as their Vice President of Business and Product Development.  The company is currently expanding aggressively into several industry verticals (entertainment, marketing, enterprise, health), and is positioned to best capitalize on the advancement of AR, and a world  shifting towards wearable devices and head-mounted displays.

Mr. Selzer continues to focus on emerging business models, partnering with Fortune 100 companies to further evolve the way we live our digital lives.

Mr. Selzer is a recognized speaker at industry events and a sought after advisor on augmented reality initiatives, location-based services, immersive technologies, emerging media platforms, games, gamification, and the future of entertainment.