Michael Turner

turnerMy friend Michael Turner passed away Friday night (6/27/08) after a lengthy battle with cancer. He was 37 years young.

Michael was a world class comic book artist best known for his work on books like Witchblade and Fathom. He had created numerous covers for both DC and Marvel as well. He was a truly gifted artists, and extremely popular with fans around the world.

I worked with Michael at Top Cow when he was first getting started back in ‘95. We became good friends, and over the years I had the great fortune to share many memorable adventures with him. We took trips together, spent New Years together, and more. I always admired his dedication to being the best at his craft, and his constant positive outlook on life. Michael was truly a rare individual who radiated with life and a postive energy. Even during his 8 year battle with cancer, he never showed signs of suffering. He was always smiling, and never gave up… right to the very end.

I will forever remember Michael. He was a rare individual who made a strong impact on my life, and on many others.

I will miss you my friend. I would say “rest in peace” but I know resting was never your style. You are more likley to be riding some “cosmic wave” like the Silver Surfer right about now; free from years of pain, and spreading your positive spirit even further throughout the heavens.

Mashade.com Launches

Picture 1I get to add another website to my ever-growing list of creations now. This one is particularly fun and a reflection of current trends in online entertainment… User-Generated Content.

When looking at the online video game trailer landscape online, it became clear there was opportunity here to do more.

Mashade.com allows users to editing video game trailers and in-game footage. You can not only watch all the latest video game trailers, but now you can “mash them up” to make them your very own. We have added in all sorts of fun audio clips, music and graphics which you can add into your video to truly personalize it.

Blockade partnered up with GorillaSpot on this site, and we think it will grow to become quite popular amoung gamers and those who just want to make fun viral videos with some really compelling content.

Check it out, make your own mashup, and let me know what you think.