BlueSe7en Media

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 10.19.35 PMBringing 15 years of experience, Brian is always interested in aligning with “entrepreneurs” and “change agents” who understand and/or are interested in the power of mobile / emerging media designed to entertain, empower, motivate, activate, educate, celebrate, and ultimately better the world.

- Digital / Mobile / Emerging Media
- Video Games (all platforms)
- Augmented Reality / Computer-Vision
- Location-Aware Apps and Services
- Sensor-Based Apps
- Wearable Computing
- Gamification
- Social Media / Networks
- Virtual / Immersive Worlds
- Transmedia Storytelling
- Production, Marketing, Distribution, Business Development
- Content Creation, Development
- Art Direction, UI / UX Design

- Consulting and advise on strategy, technology, design, content, opportunities, competition, and market overview
- Facilitate meetings with key people and companies that can bring immediate benefit
- Explore marketing opportunities for your company, and brand extensions

Available for Speaking: Mobile Gaming, Augmented Reality, Location / SoLoMo, Emerging Platforms, Gamification, Quantified Self, Transmedia, Wearables, Future of Entertainment…

Contact: Brian (at) BrianSelzer (dot) com